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Book Green Card Stories

Green Card Stories
Green Card Stories was produced in collaboration with
Immigration lawyers and scholars
Laura Danielson and Stephen Yale-Loehr.
Photography by Ariana Lindquist
Stories by Saundra Amrhein
Published by Umbrage Editions
140 pages
Release date January 2012

Green Card Stories

Green Card Stories depicts the dramatic journeys of 50 recent U.S. immigrants from around the world and the often long, arduous process to obtain permanent residence or citizenship. In compelling narratives, former St. Petersburg Times reporter Saundra Amrhein weaves together stories of escape, love, ambition, creative genius and heart-wrenching decisions in documenting the face of one of the most pressing social issues of our times.

Ilustrated with exquisite photographs by photojournalist Ariana Lindquist and produced in collaboration with immigration lawyers and scholars Laura Danielson and Stephen Yale-Loehr, Green Card Stories takes readers from Mexico, Iraq, China and Colombia, Sudan and India, and follows a cast of individuals through Florida's strawberry fields and New York's Broadway, from Silicon Valley to the American heartland. Showing how America's immigrant origins are now mostly from Latin America and Asia instead of Europe, Green Card Stories is a catalog of the new immigration but with the enduring tale of immigrants' impact on the country.



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